Facility List, POM Incorporated


Please note: Our facility is ISO 9001:2008 quality certified since 2006, and our Quality System complies with MIL-I-45208A. Our Calibration System complies with MIL-C-45662A and MIL Std. 140D sampling method. Our master calibration set of gauge blocks is traceable to national standards. All of our measurement instruments are calibrated with the master set of gauge blocks.




q  Hardinge Lathes

o   (2) Secondary Lathes, 9 Capacity, w/turret

o   Secondary Lathe, 9 Capacity, w/centerless grinder




q  110 ton Niagara Punch Press, 11 shut height

q  45 ton Niagara Punch Press, 8 shut height

q  30-35 ton Niagara Punch Press, 8 shut height

q  45 ton Bliss Punch Press, 8 5/8 shut height

q  35 ton Bliss Punch Press, 7 shut height

q  25 ton Decherts Punch Press, 7 shut height

q  5 ton Di-Acro Punch Press

q  20 ton Hannifin Trim Press

q  10 ton Modern Trim Press

q  Kard 30 ton four post hydraulic trim press

q  Kard 4 post hydraulic trim press

q  (2) Rowe Straightener Reels




q  (2) HAAS VF-3 CNC Vertical Machining Center

q  HAAS VF-1 CNC Vertical Machining Center

q  HAAS HL-2 CNC Lathe w/8 chuck, 20 Capacity

q  (1) HAAS SL-30 CNC Lathe w/10 chuck, 39 Capacity

q  TMI HAAS Tool Room Mill




q  Arex Mill 10 x 38 capacity

q  (4) Bridgeport Mill 6 x 24 capacity

q  Lagun Vertical Mill w/digitals

q  (2) Max Mill (1 w/digitals)

q  Cincinnati, vertical

q  Rockwell mill




q  (10) Delta 15 single spindle

q  (2) Delta 15 single spindle w/tapping head

q  (2) Delta 17 single spindle

q  Delta 15 2 spindle

q  Delta 15 3 spindle w/commander head

q  (2) Delta 17 2 spindle w/power feed

q  (2) Delta 17 3 spindle w/power feed

q  Powermatic model 1200






q  (2) 6 ton capacity

q  (3) 8 ton capacity




q  Arburg 25 ton clamp, mold size: 11.82 x 5.9, 22 lb/hr inject

q  Lombard 75 ton clamp, mold size: 14 x 12 x 9 thick, 6 oz. Shot size max

q  Reed 200 ton mold size: 17 x 16




q  Brown & Sharpe:

o   (3) #00 capacity

o   #OG 5/8 capacity

o   #2 1 capacity

o   #2 capacity

q  Bechler Swiss:

o   5/8 capacity

o   (2) capacity

q  Citizen CNC Swiss:

o   (2) capacity




q  Cleveland 400 ton cold chamber, platen size 24 x 24

q  Techmire 7 oz, 4 Slide (for 6 molds)

q  Castmaster 800 ton cold chamber, platen size 33 x 33

q  Wicks 650 ton cold chamber, platen size 30 x 30

q  (3) B/T 700 ton cold chamber 33 x 33




q  2 compartment barrel finisher McCloud bead finishing cabinet

q  1 compartment barrel finisher

q  (2) 1 cu. Ft. Sweco vibratory mill

q  3 cu. Ft. Sweco vibratory mill




q  Powder Paint system w/conveyors, oven, 5 stage IE phosphate wash system, multiple color

q  Silk Screen Department




q  Brown & Sharpe surface grinder

q  Brown & Sharpe 618 surface grinder w/visual grind attachment

q  Gallmeyer & Livingston surface grinder

q  Thompson surface grinder

q  K.O. Lee surface grinder

q  7 Rockwell bench grinder

q  (2) 7 Rockwell pedestal grinder

q  12 Delta disc grinder




q  Do-All vertical band-saw

q  Johnson horizontal band-saw

q  Powermatic vertical

q  Well Saw

q  Band Saw




q  (3) Rockwell 1 table

q  (3) 2 belt sanders

q  6 belt sander




q  Oxygen-acetylene cutting & welding unit

q  250 AMP arc welder

q  Peer 75KVA spot-welder

q  Miller 610 wire welder

q  Linde TIG welder




q  Notcher Diacro

q  Box & Pan brake Diacro 16 gauge 12

q  50 ton Dake hydraulic press

q  Haskens dual tapper

q  Diacro Hole Punch




q  Complete for building and repairing tools, dies and molds

q  Stratasys 3D Printer

q  Grizzly Tool Room Mill

q  Cincinnati Engine Lathe, Capacity 14" Diameter with 7" Bed

q  Monarch Lathe

q  Hardinge Lathe

q  Haas TM1 mill

q  Charmilles Type P25 EDM burning machine

q  (8) PC with mechanical and electronic software, Autocad drafting & design, CNC programming, PCB layout, schematic layout software

q  Blueprint machine

q  Multi-pen plotter

q  2 ELOX Ram EDM 50 Amps

q  Dark room w/facilities to photograph, enlarge, and produce silk screen layouts

q  Thorough technical reference library

q  Engineering model room

q  Electronic equipment: oscilloscope, digital multi-meters, frequency counter, HCII microprocessor emulator, and other miscellaneous equipment

q  Flat-bed scanner, chip card printer, HP laser printer, CDROM R/W




q  Numerex coordinate measurement machine

q  12 optical comparator w/digital readout

q  14 J & L optical comparator

q  Calibration set of gauge blocks

q  (3) sets of shop gauge blocks

q  (4) 36 x 24 x 5 surface plates




q  Assembly Department 144 x 44

q  Parts Storage Area 80 x 44

q  Machine Shop Area 152 x 70

q  Shipping and Receiving 152 x 32

q  Inspection Area 18 x 32

q  Tool Room Area 38 x 76

q  Engineering Area 48 x 32

q  Casting and Molding Area 130 x 40

q  Powder Paint and Warehouse Bay 152 x 100