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Since the invention of the parking meter in 1935, POM is the name you can trust for high quality, American made parking meters. Today, thousands of cities worldwide are metered by POM.


Parktel 2.0 Solar Smart Meter is here!!

Unveiled at IPI in Grapevine, Texas, on June 1, POM's new Parktel 2.0 smart meter received a flood of interest.  We are now taking orders, so call 800-331-7275 for a proposal or demo.


MeterManager.Net Cloud Dashboard now ready for all POM meter systems.


Archer Field PC replaced by Archer 2.




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  • CNC programmer
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What's New:

Parktel 2.0 Smart Meter is here!!

Unveiled at IPI in Grapevine, Texas, on June 1, POM's new Parktel 2.0 smart meter received a flood of interest. We are now taking orders: call 800-331-7275 or email pom@pom.com for a quote or demo, or to place your order.

MeterManager.Net Now Offered for All POM Meter Customers

Our cloud based version of MeterManager is now available; call POM at 800-331-7275 or email pom@pom.com for a quote to migrate your data and host it on our secure servers.  You will need the Archer or Archer 2 for interfacing with non-wireless meters; Parktel and Parktel 2.0 meters will send up their data wireless to this data website.  Read more here.

Current News:

POM and Parkeon Coordinate Efforts

demoPOM and Parkeon have entered a partnership to provide a mixed parking meter solution to cities, universities, and operators.  This solution will provide single and multi-space parking devices that are solar powered, accept credit cards, with an integrated backoffice data management site.   Read more here....

Recent Events:

POM Exhibits and Training Schools

demoPOM renovated and redecorated its offices last summer - any of our parking meter customers, consultants, and associated vendors that happen through the area are always welcome to drop in for a visit! 

POM provided on-site training classes this year in Lancaster, PA; David, Panama; and Panama City, Panama (photo right).  POM exhibited the Parktel 2.0 meter at  the Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE) in Chicago, March 16-19; IPI conference in Grapevine, TX, June 1-4; Carolina's Parking Association conference in Cherokee, NC, September 24-16; and Pennsylvania Parking Association conference in Lancaster, October 1-3.


Disclaimer: A few brief images of non-POM meters were not authorized by POM nor meant to depict POM meters.
POM is the originator of metered parking, so we know what it takes to create parking turnover, generate revenue, and make meters more friendly for the public yet tough for vandals.  Since the first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City on July 16, 1935, POM parking meters have been made in the USA and installed all over the globe.  Today, hundreds of thousands of parking spaces are metered by POM electronics.  Our personnel and distributors are the most experienced parking meter professionals in the world, and POM is best known for its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.   We can work within your budget to optimize your ROI, make enforcement easier, and turn your merchants from foes into allies.

We invite you to browse our product line, check out what's new, and send us feedback on how we can meet your needs.  We can provide technical specifications, RFP templates, quotes and proposals, instructional materials, on-site or WebEx training -- just give us a call, email, or fax.

POM meters are made 100% in the USA using USA-made circuit boards and USA-made castings, and all assembly is done in the USA in an American-owned, NOW WOMAN-OWNED, ISO 9001:2008 quality certified facilityKeep America Strong, Buy American-Made Products!

A large portion of POM's factory is also dedicated to contract manufacturing, so see our facilities list and send us your prints and samples for quoting. 


 POM, Incorporated unveiled its newest parking meter, Parktel 2.0, during a June 1 unveiling party held in conjunction with the International Parking Institute’s Annual Conference & Expo at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, TX.

 Good looks and easy installation

 The new meter features a sleek, retro design reminiscent of POM’s signature “Model N.”  Parktel 2.0 simply “drops in” to most POM upper housings and includes a new dome to accommodate the meter’s massive 4.4 inch display.  Upgrading an existing meter takes less than a minute.  The complete Parktel 2.0 unit also works with any conventional parking meter vault, so customers without POM housings can simply bolt the entire unit to their existing vaults.

 Innovative features

 “When designing Parktel 2.0, we tried to improve on every aspect of the modern parking meter, taking into account the perspectives of our customers and our product’s end users,” said POM President Seth Ward. 

 Parktel 2.0 features a 4.4 inch state-of-the-art reflective LCD display with industry leading 320x240 resolution.  “Reflective technology means our display looks even better under bright sunlight,” said Ward.  The new screen is also a “memory LCD,” which allows it to display a static image without drawing any battery current.  The display’s vertical positioning provides optimal visibility (even from a vehicle or wheelchair) and prevents buildup of snow and condensation.    

 Until now, all connected parking meters have relied exclusively on individual, power hungry cellular modems.  POM’s patent pending “dual mode connectivity interface” changes the status quo by having all meters in an installation work as a team rather than as individuals. 

Each meter includes a low power, ISM radio to create a “mesh network,” enabling all meters in an installation to communicate with one another.  Although each meter retains a cellular modem, only one meter’s modem is powered on at any given time.  The other meters communicate with this “gateway meter” using their low power ISM radios.  The gateway meter relays the information to POM’s web based back office and/or credit card gateway provider.  Each day, another meter takes a turn at being the gateway meter so as to balance the load on the entire system.  “This is a game changer,” said Ward.  “The dual mode interface will drastically improve battery life and put an end to spotty connectivity in areas where cellular reception is less than ideal.”  “The more meters an installation has, the better the battery life will be in each meter,” Ward added.

 In addition to the new connectivity interface, each Parktel 2.0 meter features a large, easily replaceable battery pack with solar recharging and an all-new advanced power management chip. 

 Multiple configurations

 Parktel 2.0 can be configured to accept coins, credit cards, chip cards and contactless (NFC) payment sources.  The meter also works seamlessly with third party “pay-by-cell” applications and parking sensors.  POM’s self-training coin chute electronically detects and prevents “coin fishing.”  All components plug-in and are easily replaceable.   

 Improving on POM’s existing, patented 2x and 4x meters, Parktel 2.0 allows customers to use a single meter to monitor as many spaces as desired or necessary.  “Parktel 2.0 can provide all the features of a conventional multi-space meter at a fraction of the cost,” said Ward.  The meter can also be configured to work in a traditional, single space mode.

 Cloud based back office and enforcement software

 POM customers can access any electronic POM meter (including, of course, Parktel 2.0 meters) via POM’s cloud based back office suite, MeterManager.net.  Using MeterManager, customers can configure dynamic rate changes, custom displays, individual LED and button functions, specify alerts, check meter status, and run revenue reports.  POM’s PCI-DSS certified gateway provider, CreditCall, will continue to provide detailed reporting of credit card transactions from its secure dashboard, WebMIS.   

 Parktel 2.0 meters feature four “ultra-bright” LEDs that are visible from either side of the meter.  Each LED changes color to allow for enforcement of up to four parking spaces.  More than four spaces can be enforced using POM’s web based enforcement software on any tablet computing device.  The LED lights can also be programmed to indicate transaction status, errors, or special events (i.e., red, white, and blue for Independence Day).

 POM’s long history, reputation for customer service, and good relationship with multiple vendors and service providers are why POM has been providing cutting edge technology since 1935. 


POM Awarded Global Trade Recognition

POM was recently awarded the Arkansas District Export Council Governor's Award for Excellence in Global Trade.  Five Arkansas companies were recognized as having distinguished themselves as leaders in international trade, in the following categories: Arkansas Rising Star (for which POM received the award), Global Sustainability, and Small, Medium, and Large Manufacturer Exporters.

Shown L-R:  Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe; POM President Seth Ward, III; and  William Burgess, Vice Chairman of the Arkansas DEC.


Terry Henderson and Bobra Wilbanks recently visited Panama City and provided training on meter maintenance and MeterManager software to the City.  Classes were held at the Hard Rock hotel in Panama city, with translation services provided by  Jessica Femenias of Materiales Profecionales.  Arturo Palacios from Mexico was also on hand to receive advanced software training and provide translation and consultation for small-group breakout sessions.  After the training, Materiales Profesionales hosted a tour of the City’s POM meter installation and the Panama Canal locks at Miraflores.

Panama City Training

Ed Lamar 40 Years

Todd Brown, POM Engineering Manager (left), Seth Ward III, POM President and CEO (right)

Todd Brown, POM Engineering Manager won POM’s first annual Chili Cook Off.  Todd’s chili won over eleven other entries.  Seth Ward III presents Todd with the $250 prize for the best chili.   Todd and his engineering team have developed a module to fit between the upper and lower housing of POM and all major single-space meter housings.  The Parktel module includes a credit card reader; wireless modem; solar panels with rechargeable and backup power supply; and simple button interface to add time to the meter or cancel the transaction.    POM has installations in Virginia Beach, VA; Media, PA; Salisbury, MD; as well as several other pending installations.    

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