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MeterManager Users Must Now Migrate to MeterManager.Net

POM’s development team will now only support the web-based version of MeterManager.   Current MeterManager pc-version users should request a quote for annual hosting of and the Archer 2 handheld kit for conventional, off-line meters.  Smart meter systems are charged hosting in their monthly fees, and the handheld kit for them is optional for offline communications and utility functions.  Smart card systems using the Mako Technologies DT-3500 card reader interface will still be able to use that.   Upon purchase of the annual hosting, users should send their data to POM for conversion and posting to the client’s site, and a secure log-in will be provided along with “getting started” information.  User documentation is available at the site’s Help.  POM may also offer Webex training or video on use of will be accessible from any computer or tablet that has internet access.  Data from both conventional and smart meters will be merged, allowing conventional meter systems to transition to smart meters seamlessly.   Our development team will be able to update all clients across the board as needed and will have online access for quick and easy tech support.  Call or email POM for a demo log-in to check out the menus and report options.

MeterManager.Net Cloud Dashboard now ready for all POM meter systems

MeterManager users should make plans to convert to the cloud-based version, MeterManager.Net.  This version will be hosted on secure server by POM and will allow our support staff to better support and upgrade our clients data needs.  It will also avoid issues between Windows OS versions and USB attachment drivers.

Read more about the MeterManager.Net Cloud Dashboard here.


Archer Field PC replaced by Archer 2.

The Archer 2 Field PC by Juniper Systems runs the POMComm parking meter management app on its Windows Mobile OS. The Archer 2 is a lightweight yet rugged pda that is designed for outdoor utility use. Waterproof, dust proof, and shock resistant, this pda can survive a 5-foot drop to concrete and the adjustable touch screen display can be read in bright sunlight. POM proprietary attachments include an infrared interface for 9600-baud communications via the coin slot, and a smart card interface for 15K-baud communications via the smart card slot.

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