Fits Model N or POM APM-N Housings

Base model accepts coins only, with high-visibility rotary display (shown right), visible up to 80 feet away for easier drive-by enforcement; with or without blinking LEDs for night enforcement. Mechanism fits Rockwell/POM Model N; mechanism with front door fits Rockwell/POM Model S. Low-power, only draws avg. 40-60 µA to maximize battery life and can be powered by 4 AA batteries or a 9V lithium.


  • Smartcard reader (slot shown right) accepts prepaid reprogrammable electronic purse smart card.  As a no-charge option, meter can refund leftover time back onto the card and go to 00:00 for the next motorist.
  • Backlight for digital display improves visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Free-time button, press for free time if the meter is at 00:00. For additional time, payment must be inserted.
  • SmartLock system, integrates the mechanism with the vault lock. Collect the audit data as you enable the lock for collections. Lost or stolen keys, lock picks cannot gain entrance without authorized smart card or handheld device.


Options to Fit Every Environment and Budget

All APM-N upper housings are made of die-cast aluminum and feature front doors that drop down to a horizontal workspace for easy on-street repairs. The upper lock applies adjustable pressure to the gasket, and the coin slot can be fitted with a spring to help keep water infiltration to a minimum.

Zinc Tamperproof vault, shown right (45,000 psi) holds expanded capacity open cup or two styles of sealed security coin boxes (holds $65 in US quarters). Door can be easily removed without tools when open, facilitating quick repair or replacement. Lock is rear mounted to prevent pulling, tapered base prevents forced removal from post.

Iron Tamperproof vault has same features as zinc, but with added strength (65,000 psi).

(Both vault options offer a variety of high security and changeable locks and can be fitted with the POM SmartLock system.)