Handheld Communications

The Archer 2 Field PC

The Archer 2 Field PC by Juniper Systems runs the POMComm parking meter management app on its Windows Mobile OS. The Archer 2 is a lightweight yet rugged pda that is designed for outdoor utility use. Waterproof, dust proof, and shock resistant, this pda can survive a 5-foot drop to concrete and the adjustable touch screen display can be read in bright sunlight. POM proprietary attachments include an infrared interface for 9600-baud communications via the coin slot, and a smart card interface for 15K-baud communications via the smart card slot.

  • Full color touch screen with adjustable backlight.
  • Handstrap included, with optional shoulder strap available.
  • Separate ports for charging, serial port, and 2 USB ports, with rubber seals; optional charging dock.
  • Additional Windows Mobile apps (i.e. calendar and contacts) sync with your PC.
  • Fully upgradeable with expansion ports and a wide variety of optional attachments.
  • Connects using POM Parktel Mobile Sync, uploads data to MeterManager.Net.

NOTE: the previous version Archer has been discontinued by Juniper Systems. A limited supply of refurbished Archer Field PC's are available from Juniper, and you may be able to find them for a limited time on eBay and Amazon. POM has shifted all support to POMComm for the Archer 2, andMeterManager.Net cloud based data dashboard. An initial version of POMComm for MeterManager.Net is available for the previous version Archer and requires sending in the Archer and attachments for upgrade. No new versions of POMComm other than this one will be developed for the previous version Archer.

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