Parktel 2.0 Solar Smart Meter

Parktel with options: 2-space, iron 95 vault, and pay-by-cell

Fits POM Zinc Upper Housings, or Onto All Meter Vaults.

  • Modern, retro, and rugged
  • Low-power, highly reflective, vertical, memory LCD display
  • Multiple interface communications
  • Accept coins, all major credit and debit cards, pay-by-cell, and branded prepaid smart cards (latter which can be refunded with leftover time, resetting the meter to 00:00 for the next user)
  • Super bright RGB LED lights front and back, can be configured for special functions and multiple colors
  • Durable, contextual buttons not limited to one specific function
  • Can integrate with vehicle sensors and/or pay-by-cell apps
  • Power saving features equate to best backup battery life on the market, enabling "Always-On Technology"
  • All components inside the drop-in mechanism; modular and easy to maintain, repair and upgrade
  • Meters one or more spaces
  • cloud dashboard, now for all POM meters

Made in USA

ISO 9001:2015, Made in USA
100% Woman-Owned Business

Now available on NCPA National Contract, through TAPCO and their US Communities national contract, and through Pennsylvania COSTARS.          ​

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Parktel single-space base model meter

most visible display

ft myers beach

MSU Moorehead

We are proud to announce the following integration partners for the Parktel, which are able to push time/status onto the meter's display.  This is made possible by POM's unique power-saver features, which allow "Always On Technology":

.................More integrations pending.  Watch this space for updates...................