MeterManager Software

MeterManager.Net Cloud Based Software

For Maximum Control and Accountability

MeterManager users should make plans to convert to the cloud-based version, MeterManager.Net. This version will be hosted on secure server by POM and will allow our support staff to better support and upgrade our clients data needs. It will also avoid issues between Windows OS versions and USB attachment drivers.

At the same time, Juniper Systems has replaced the Archer Field PC with the Archer 2. A new version of POMComm has been developed to run on the Archer 2, and the related infrared wand will be #301-239. POM will not continue to support or write POMComm versions for the old version Archer.

To convert to MeterManager.Net

Request a quote for hosting, send us your purchase order, then zip and send in your data file -- this is in Systems Utilities, Compress Data File. Purchase the Archer 2 and a new infrared wand or send us your old Archer wand for modification. You must also download POM Parktel Mobile Sync from within MeterManager.Net to facilitate communications between the Archer (and/or the smart card interface) and MeterManager.Net.

MeterManager.Net is a website dashboard for managing a system of POM electronic parking meters. Data from our wireless smart meters will upload to the website directly, and data from our conventional coin and/or smart card meters shall be gathered using the Archer 2. As before, most of the features and reports are based on input from our own customers. Maintain inventory and track revenue and maintenance history, create your own rate profiles, including multi-rates that change during the course of a day or week, special event rates, and seasonal rates.   Read, load and reload value to smart cards, creating a transaction log for accounting purposes.

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