Collection Systems

Coin Collection Systems

Variety to Meet Your Needs

For small meter systems with tight budgets, we have push carts and carry cans with funnels for dumping open-top coin boxes. However, POM understands the importance of security in your meter collection system. That is why we designed our entire line of collection components to offer the best possible protection from pilferage. Our collection systems are fully "sealed", eliminating access to the money collected. It is your assurance that all meter revenue will make it to the bank.

Base model coin carts include solid rubber wheels and front stop (shown); high-flotation fully pneumatic ball bearing wheels, and swivel caster are optional and may be added at an additional charge.

High Security Safeguard System

For Current and Former POM or Rockwell Models

POM's Safeguard system features die-cast metal coin boxes. opened by a unique rack-type linear key designed and produced only be POM. Receptacles are available in two cart models or a shoulder style canister.

High Security Universal System

For Current POM and for Other Brand Meters

POM's alternate sealed system features unbreakable round cycolac plastic coin box cylinders available in standard or expanded capacity. These coin boxes can be produced with a choice of two different styles of locks. Receptacles available in large standard size cart or narrow gauge styles; also available in carry pack canisters. There is also a coin box of this style to fit the Magnum vault and holds $118 in quarters.


Download our Coin Cart and Collection Head Schematics